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Welcome! We are so excited to share our journey with you. I'm Tara and I've created this travel blog to chronicle the ultimate relocation of our little family - the Johnson family - to Savannah, Georgia. 


What's our story? Well...we are native San Diegans who found their way to Nashville, Tennessee is the early 1990s. My husband, Mike and I were high school sweethearts, we married in 1993. We have two amazing sons and a Chowbrador dog, named Chewy. (Yes, that is a Star Wars reference). We thought we had found our forever home in Nashville as it was a small city - but not too small. Then in 2015, Nashville became a boom town. Everyone - and I mean everyone - began moving to the area. 100 people per day to be exact. Each day our commute got a little longer, crime was on the rise, and the city became unrecognizable to us. Nashville was on its way to becoming a smaller version of Atlanta. We left California to live a less stressful life, but Nashville had begun to morph into the exact same lifestyle we left 25 years ago. 


Enter our favorite vacation destination - Savannah, Georgia. It is a very small city but with plenty to do, fantastic food, incredible architecture, unsurpassed beauty, and an interesting bunch of quirky people. We consider ourselves to be a little on the quirky side - so Savannah has always felt like home. Our migration is set in motion and our estimated time of arrival is stamped for Summer 2019. Until then we will continue to vacation in Savannah and learn all we can about this historic city along the way. Soon, Savannah will be our forever home. Soon...very soon!


In the meantime, please follow our travel blog - Subscribe Now. You may also follow us on Instagram @movetosavannah. We will do our best to create interesting and informative blog posts and Instagram posts of the sites, scenes, attractions, and of course, the restaurants of Savannah and Tybee Island. Who knows, we may inspire YOU to move to Savannah too!




Mike Johnson

The Man Behind The Camera

I'm the king of the castle when the queen is away. I'm a residential contractor and a true craftsman. I enjoy travel but only if Chewy can come too. 


The Third Child

I'm the world's most perfect dog. So my people tell me. I enjoy treats and chewing on tennis balls. I go everywhere with my people and I'm spoiled rotten. 

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Tara Scott-Johnson

The Woman Behind The Blog

I'm a writer, content marketer, web designer, and communications expert. I dabble in interior design as well. My Type-A personality keeps me pretty busy. 

Let's Connect  Email: tarascottjohnson@yahoo.com  |  Instagram: movetosavannah   

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